Hi! I'm Yvonne

I am honored you are here!  I am wife to David, Mom to Lucca, dog-Mom to three Keeshonden, and an avid kitchen adventurer.  Meaning "Live the Piva", my blog brings the greater world into my family's little world, and most specifically, the home cooked recipes that infuse our everyday lives.  Because as I see it, food is synonymous with family and friends, and is at the center of most my cherished memories; a cozy date night in, a formal family dinner, a friendly get together, delivering treats to a neighbor or a care package to a loved one in recovery  —  there's nothing better than preparing something delicious and nourishing for those you love!


Growing up surrounded by great cooks, I learned early that if we have to eat, it might as well be good!  But my family passed along more than just great recipes  —  they taught me the value of decorating life with food!  My culinary passion grew as I did, and I immersed myself in cooking shows and books, the occasional class, and daily trial and error in the kitchen (all of which still rings true).  After honing my skills, confidence, and palate; I began adapting recipes that inspired me, and eventually, creating my own recipes, while always paying homage to my family's tried-and-true dishes and the significance of a shared meal.


As an everyday home cook, you will find the recipes here to be easy, delectable and comforting, featuring whole foods that have been made from scratch (with the occasional store-bought shortcut, because this is real life).  Sharing how I pair these dishes with everyday experiences, my hope is to inspire others to embark on their own adventures in (and out) of the kitchen!  


I look forward to spending time with you through the recipes and stories I happily share here.  Check back frequently for meal inspiration and tidbits of our life 

on beautiful Bainbridge Island!

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