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Twisting Taco Tuesday

We enjoy tacos in our home regularly - most often on Tuesdays, as cliche as it is. On the surface, it seems rather monotonous to have the same meal week after week. Dig a little deeper, however, and you will find there is no end to the flavor possibilities! As I jot down my weekly meal plan (yes, I make meal plans with corresponding shopping lists, and YES, I plan to devote a blog post to said task!), I find myself not just penciling "Tacos", but more what will go in the tacos, because that's where the real fun begins! Focusing on four basic components, each week I conger a different taco experience for my family, and trust me - it's anything but repetitive!

Ok boys and girls, let's start with the anatomy of a taco:

  1. Shell. Holds the entire operation together.

  2. Protein. Gives the meal sustenance.

  3. Veggie. Rounds the meal out.

  4. Sauce. Gives it some character.

As we day dream about the endless array of potential combos, allow me to share three recipes below for a taco concoction we recently devoured... I mean, enjoyed. Incorporate one, two or all three recipes into your next Taco Tuesday!


My go-to tortillas are from La Tortilla Factory (found at most any store). Do not ask me to narrow down my favorite, because with flavors like Hatch Green Chile and Smoky Chipotle, it's like choosing between my dogs - I love them all! I find their variety a fun way to be creative with my flavor pairings, although pictured here is their heavenly Original Flour. But please do not stop there! Perhaps your "shell" is a tortilla bowl, iceberg lettuce leaves, or even a bed of brown rice.


I LOVE making my own marinades, especially considering how easy and delicious they are. In fact, when I move meats from freezer to fridge to thaw, I will often cover it in marinade still frozen; by the time I go to cook it the next night, it's been defrosted and beautifully flavored. That's what I did with this Citrus Marinaded Carne Asada, which having it prepped allowed me extra time to devote to the other components of our tacos. This zesty marinade can go over most any meat with it's bright combination of lime, orange, garlic, jalapeno and cilantro; toss it over whatever beef, chicken, pork or fish you have on hand!


Oh my, where do I begin? As simple as sauteed onions and bell peppers to a more robust Jalapeno Coleslaw like I served here, there are so many routes your taco can take with the veggies you add. I personally feel every taco should have a crunch factor (who's with me?!), but because I prefer a soft taco shell, I need to ensure my crunch is added elsewhere. Still trying to get through my plethora of homegrown jalapenos, this spicy Jalapeno Coleslaw helped me slay a few peppers and achieve that crunch component. I also give it bonus points for being David's appetizer (he used it as a chip dip) and our side salad. But keep going! Sprinkle fresh diced tomatoes, onions, sliced radishes, avocado, cilantro... whatever veggies your little heart desires.


Arguably, my favorite part! I am getting to the point where a meal doesn't feel complete unless there's an element of drizzle or dip. Sauces transform a dish; much like this Avocado Crema, which is amazing on tacos, or any Mexican dish, over eggs, on a sandwich, over roasted vegetables, thinned to be a salad dressing... you name it! (Might I add I am a huge fan of what I call "nextovers": the use of leftovers to create the next, but new dish. This crema plays perfectly into that.) Perhaps your drizzle is of a classic salsa, chimichurri, hot sauce or even a simple squeeze of lime - there's something beyond satisfying about adding that extra zing to your meal!

So much inspiration can be found with each taco component lending itself to creativity. What's your twist this Taco Tuesday?

As always, thanks for reading and cooking! I would love to see if you make one of my recipes - be sure to tag me on Facebook or Instagram!

Recipe Links

Citrus Marinaded Carne Asada

Jalapeno Coleslaw

Avocado Crema

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