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Updated: Oct 5, 2018

Viva la Piva. Catchy, right? Meaning "Live the Piva", my blog brings the greater world into my family's little world, and most specifically, the home cooked recipes that infuse our everyday lives. An introvert by nature, I am stepping out of my comfort zone to pursue a hobby that will hopefully fulfill a few personal aspirations; create and maintain connectivity to those I love most (past, present and future), establish a much needed creative outlet, and perhaps, subsequently inspire others to embark on their own adventures in (and out) of the kitchen!

When I think of family, I think of food; every memory is lined with the aromas and tastes inherent of recipes passed from generation to generation. With present-day conveniences like fast food, take out, and food delivery, cooking and baking has become more of a craft than a necessity of life. However, home cooked food has been such an integral thread in my family's fabric that I feel the need, no... responsibility, to do my part in passing along these recipes and traditions to future generations, especially when they could easily be lost in what is no longer the "norm" of today's society. If, one day, my son cooks for his children the same Penne a la Vodka that his ancestors from Italy enjoyed around their table, I will consider my pursuit in documenting recipes a worthy endeavor.

Penne a la Vodka

We live two lives. No, wait... our lives are split between two locations. My roots are in Washington and David's are in California, so our hearts are stretched between family and friends along the West Coast. The beauty of detailing our adventures and posting to my little corner of the internet is that our loved ones are readily welcomed to our life on a secluded, forested Pacific Northwest island. And as much as I delight in cooking for those I love, sometimes the distance inhibits it, so my hope is to share a meal from afar via the recipes on my site. What I consider an online recipe scrapbook, this blog provides me the platform to stay connected in so many ways!

Twin Peaks, overlooking San Francisco

Bloedel Reserve, Bainbridge Island

Another perk to having a blog? All the imaginative work involved in maintaining one. In addition to cooking and baking, I used to be an avid crafter - card making was my jam, but I dabbled in virtually all things Martha Stewart (she's my spirit animal). There's something intrinsic about using my heart, head and hands to create something of beauty or use. After becoming a mom, when all my time and energy went anywhere but being artistic, I realized just how essential it is to my personal well-being to maintain a creative outlet. Thankfully, I had my culinary pursuits to sustain creativity, but in all honesty, it never felt like enough because cooking is as much a chore as it is a means of expression (let's be real, I am not getting creative every meal of every day). Introduce this blog and suddenly I have the foundation to harmonize a few of my favorite interests; adventuring in (and out of) the kitchen, photography (although I am still very much a novice), and journaling (although it's been years since I have written and my "pen and paper" need serious dusting). Undoubtably, I will discover endless opportunities to get creative with blogging and look forward to the personal development it will provide.

Handcrafted Thank You Cards

Although this blog is first and foremost a hobby, there are surely likeminded people with similar interests who will find the recipes or information here useful. As an avid DIY'er, I am often asked how I created my [dish, craft, etc.], and now I have a straightforward way to share. I imagine some visitors to my blog will simply seek recipes, some will hunt for reference, and some will only find interest in the stories or pictures. Perhaps a few will be fond of it all! Experimenting in the kitchen, traveling near and far, getting crafty, or merely taking time to enjoy one's surroundings; whatever the draw, I hope by sharing how recipes and experiences marry, visitors will find inspiration to savor their own moments in life - little or large.

Tulip Festival, Mt. Vernon

I have been creating the Viva la Piva website in the "off" hours of motherhood - seemingly in the dark of early morning or late evening. I already learned so much and have a sense of creative fulfillment, so I can only imagine what time nurturing my little blog will bring. So, here's to the wrap of my very first post. I appreciate you caring enough to have read this far, and hope to keep you coming back for more delicious recipes and tales from our life on Bainbridge Island! Cheers!

Blakely Harbor Park, Bainbridge Island

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Penne a la Vodka

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